Sunday, 10 January 2016

A is for

Argyle day which was on actually on Friday but as I was at work and couldn't wear this cardi then I chose to wear this grey ensemble on Saturday.
It's the first time I've worn this cardigan, it was one of my last buys from the car boot last year and as I was taking the photo I remembered that's where I had bought the dress as well.
Both cost me a pound a piece.
In actual fact the necklace came from the car boot too but that was purchased for me by my mum as part of my birthday present.

A is also for apricot day.
I've mentioned in previous posts my fussiness over food.
It's a taste as well as a texture thing.
My diet is extremely limited and although I am better than I used to be I do not eat anywhere enough fruit and veg.
Which is one of the reasons why G and I have bought ourselves a Nurtibullet.
I flippin' love this new addition.
So far we have been sticking to fruit based combinations teamed with natural yogurt.
Apricots are something I do not eat normally but as it was apricot day I could not let the occasion pass without chucking these into the smoothie of the day.
Along with pineapple and plums.
We need to branch out and try some with veg.
I'm working myself up to those.

And finally A is for avian - well actually Tuesday was bird day but that doesn't fit in with my 'A' theme for this post.
Anyway for that I wore a new brooch. This pair sat on a branch was a gift at Christmas from my sister.


  1. That is such a lovely brooch! I'm just the same with food and also don't eat enough fruit or veg - I'm all about carbs! I am getting better though and eat more veg now than ever before (but still a limited variety!)

  2. Good luck with your Nutribullet. We've had one for a few months now. I don't know how I lived without it. I find the best way to get a veggie boost is to make soups.
    Love the brooch too xxx

  3. Love the dress and cardigan. I certainly would have bought them myself if i had seen them. Well done, you!

  4. Such a pretty brooch! Hope that you enjoy the extra fruits and veggies and feel the benefit. xx

  5. Love your dress and cardi set. I am jealous.

  6. Oh I love my Nutribullet as well. Do try some veg. If you add fruit as well, the veg does not taste at all. I get those bags of baby spinach or kale from the supermarket and chuck the whole bag in the freezer, then take out as much as I want when needed. So easy. Love the outfit.

  7. I love your new brooch, that's so pretty. I've seen the Nutribullet and wondered if they were any good. I do eat plenty of veggies but not so much fruit.

  8. I do like your 'grey ensemble' ...
    Your brooch looks very pretty ...
    Friends who have Nutribullets are pleased with them ... enjoy yours!

    Have a great week, these Monday's come around so quickly don't they.

    All the best Jan

  9. The brooch is really pretty. I so seldom wear one anymore, but have several from my working days and from my mother.

  10. Like the dress cardi combo and what a good price.

  11. I love the new brooch- what a great pressie! Also glad you new brooch was admired at work!
    The outfit is really cute too- I like the dress shape. I'm not keen on dried apricots but I quite like fresh ones!x