Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Fresh Flowers

I have written on the blog before now about how Brocante Home has helped me get a grip on, among other things, home organisation.
I like Alison's writing style and I have learned a lot from the site and her many downloads.
For 2016 she had launched a new download called The Better Me Program.
Each Sunday evening an email is sent to your inbox with a little something to do each day of the coming week.
I should mention that I'm writing this post because I have chosen to do so, I've not be asked to promote her works.
Tuesday's prompt was to consider sewing some geranium seeds. 
Now I love geraniums but growing from seed is just not for me.
I prefer to buy mine already grown from traders at car boot sales later on in the year. 
Buying fresh flowers isn't something I do very often but in the Better Me spirit my Tuesday treat has been to purchase a bunch of tulips and I'm so glad I did.


  1. Oh Lisa those tulips look lovely.
    Fresh flowers can, and do, make such a lovely touch to the home.

    Hope your week is going well.

    All the best Jan

  2. I'll be geraniuming later in the year as well; your tulips look lovely! I enjoyed planning a week of better me using Alison's hints.

  3. I love Tulips, certainly brighten up a corner xx

  4. Oh Lisa, sitting here in mountain of removal boxes with very very cold weather outside, I so envy you for your pretty bunch of fresh flowers on the table! Beautiful!!!
    Anna xx

  5. Your tulips look lovely, a simple thing which makes such a huge difference.
    Caz xx

  6. I love tulips and since I discovered (or was told) the tip for keeping the stems straight instead of drooping, I love them even more. I think having flowers in the house really does improve my mood, they make me smile each time I glance at them.

  7. Just catching up with your posting spree Lisa! I tend to wear the same clothes over and over because I don't have many to choose from! I really do need to buy a few more this year. I love your fox brooch in a previous post - so cute! I bought Alison's full package of downloads a couple of years ago and thought they were for life. I never got to save them when she changed things around so I don't know if I still have access to them. The idea of buying yourself flowers is a lovely idea. I think it is too early to germinate from seeds at the moment as we still haven't had winter yet have we? Fresh flowers, scented candles (nice ones), new tea towels, new hand wash/soap all add to the feel good factor. x

  8. I try and keep my geraniums from year to year rather than buying new, but if I don't manage it I buy new ones! Tulips are wonderful at this time of year aren't they, I have a great bunch on the kitchen windowsill. xx

  9. They are so lovely and cheery! x

  10. They're lovely! I received some roses from some children at school and they're still festering in a vase all brown! Ooops!x