Saturday, 2 January 2016

Two New Things

With new resolve I opened my wardrobe this morning and picked out a jumper I had never worn before.
It was a very cosy choice for the colder day we had been forecast.
 The big floppy collar was just crying out for a brooch.
Mrs Fox was a gift in my Christmas stocking.
Father Christmas knows me so well.

It did actually stop raining for a couple of hours this afternoon which was long enough for a quick walk down to the local shops.
G had to collect a prescription and we had three bags full of donations destined for a charity shop.
It seems this is the time of year lots of others are having a sort out too as one shop had a notice on their door saying they couldn't take anymore donations due to lack of storage space.
At the shop we did drop them off in the lady volunteer was practically pinned into the corner, so surrounded was she by black sacks full of donations.

With trying to wear more of what I do have I wasn't really looking to buy anything new.....
But one of the shops was having a half price sale and I fell for the pattern on this long length top, it all looked very romantic and for £1.24 it was too good to pass by.
I will make sure I wear it soon though.


  1. I love your new foxy brooch, and of course your new tops. I bought a couple of new jumpers a few weeks ago but I haven't worn them yet, I'm still in t shirts owing to the mild weather we're having.

  2. Hi Lisa
    Now as soon as I read this " With trying to wear more of what I do have I wasn't really looking to buy anything new....." I just knew you were going to make a purchase - and why not - it looks good.

    Out and about many of our charity shops had big and rather full looking bags that had been left outside, despite big signs up of 'please do not leave your donations outside' - but this time of year many of us do have sort outs ...

    Happy Sunday Wishes

    All the best Jan

  3. Foxy AND the long-sleeved top are both gorgeous!!! Hurrah for both of them!!!x

  4. Happy New Year to you Lisa and family. I had a clear out of books just before Christmas. Our Tesco's has a charity bookstall. I took some 30 books in on my way to work and when I called back in again the same evening for bread and milk more than half had already gone. Last minute stocking fillers may be either way the charity gets the donation and my books get another home.

  5. I like the pattern on that top! You are quite right, it's very dramatic!

  6. I love your jumper. It looks so cosy and just perfect for the cold, rainy weekend. Mr. Fox is a lovely touch. Enjoy wearing your new top! X

  7. Ooh your jumper looks really snuggly. x

  8. I looked in my wardrobe this morning and thought it needed a sort out... then shut the doors again, maybe a job for tomorrow. Keep warm and dry! xx

  9. Your new brooch is lovely isn't it. I have three bags for the charity shop, but I thought I would wait a couple of weeks as I expect that ours will all be busy right now too. It is the time of year for it isn't it! xx

  10. It makes me sad to think these clothes may go to the tip instead if charity shops can't take them. But then, if there's no room, there's no room! Glad to see you managed to find a bargain!

  11. The fox brooch is cute and the jumper looks suitably warm. Like you I have way too many clothes and I really need to stop buying things.