Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Eastleigh Streets

Sunday saw us over in nearby Eastleigh.
We wanted to stretch our legs and go for a walk but with all the recent rain something urban seemed more sensible.
Plus we were wanting to seek out some frozen fruit for our Nutribullet trials and so a little grocery shopping was also needed.
Here's a few highlights from our wander.

A new sculpture has appeared outside the train station. 
It is of local novelist Charlotte Mary Yonge who gave Eastleigh it's name.
She is positioned right next to the busy main road through Eastleigh so she won't get much quiet time contemplating her literary endeavours.

The Point is a theatre and dance studio which is situated in the former town hall.
I have very fond memories of an afternoon there with T and S. When they were much younger we went to see an adaptation of The Tiger Who Came to Tea. It was wonderful and the audience had to participate in tiger aerobics. They would probably both be horrified to think how enthusiastically they took part at the time.
The four of us went there a couple of years ago, with friends, to see a panto and without a shadow of a doubt it was the worst thing any of us have seen. We couldn't wait for it to end.
Anyway, outside is the dancing garden which was constructed as part of the council's Millennium celebrations. The tables and chairs look like a lovely spot to sit and relax in the summertime.

Next door to the theatre are the council offices. This impressive looking face presides over the main entrance.

Two Closes in Eastleigh have been named after two men who were famous for different reasons.
The comedian Benny Hill worked as milkman for the Eastleigh based Hanns Diary. 
Heinz Burt lived in Eastleigh as a child. You may not know the name or even recognise his face but you'll definitely have heard the the song he and his group the Tornados were famous for. Just Like Eddie was his solo hit and it's one I remember hearing when I was younger as my dad was partial to listening to a bit of rock 'n' roll.

Good to see that they think highly of Tim, whoever he may be!


  1. There is certainly a lot to see in Eastleigh! The new sculpture of the writer is beautiful isn't it! xx

  2. Interesting to read about Eastleigh ...
    That sculpture of Charlotte Yonge looks amazing, and so well done, there are some very talented artists around, that work in so many different mediums ...

    All the best Jan

  3. I thought Ernie was the milkman!!! I don't suppose that children of today would even know who Benny Hill was. It makes me feel so old! x

  4. It looks like an interesting place.

  5. Ha, the tiger show sounds fun! We always cringe to remember enthusiasm for things of the past! It would be nice to have a theatre in town! x

  6. There should be an Ernie's Close too lol. I really like that sculpture. x

  7. I tend to forget about urban walks but sometimes they are great, and maybe for the first time you really start to notice your surroundings rather than just heading straight for the shops. I love the sculpture and I was a huge fan of Benny Hill when a child.
    Have a good weekend
    Caz xx

  8. What a lovely place with so much to see. I love the sculpture, really beautiful. I've never heard of Heinz Burt but you're right, I bet everyone knows his song.

  9. I thought I knew Eastleigh. My son lives there and I've passed though many times but you've certainly showed me something new. I shall have to have another wander around soon, especially as the woods are so muddy.