Monday, 11 January 2016


Today is
I kid you not.
Maybe if I had a rainproof outfit as cute as this one I'd go out there and jump in a puddle myself.


  1. Very cute, but I'm getting a bit fed up splashing in puddles now, aren't you!

  2. Too wet and cold for me to go puddle jumping xx

  3. I wish the puddles would dry up, I'm fed up of all the rain. There's a huge puddle on the road on the way to school, any unfortunate child who happens to be passing it as a car goes by gets well and truly soaked.

  4. I love that little picture / caption.
    Sshh don't tell anyone BUT I still love splashing in puddles! Providing I have my boots on of course ... such fun. Even better when I'm out walking in the rain with the grandchildren !!!

    Hope your week is going well

    All the best Jan