Saturday, 22 July 2017

A Years Worth of Days

Yesterday was my 49th birthday.
So this means next year I'll be 50.
I'm not sure quite exactly how I feel about that.
It does seem like a very large number.
Does it mean I should feel like a proper grown up?
Because, well, most of the time I don't.
I do, however, have a plan.
Each day of the year means something to someone.
Be it a birthday, an anniversary, a national holiday, a raising awareness for a charity day, a day important to a particular religion.
You get the idea.
So every day between now and my birthday in 2018 I shall mark each day with something that is pertinent to that date.
It's something I have done now and then and if you have been reading for a while you may remember S and I crafting for ballet day, or the cake I baked in honour of Rick Astley's birthday, or something as simple as wearing a brooch for sunglasses day. 
I've spent time over the past 6 months researching this little project and have a very long list of ideas of things to do.
Of course this is going to have to fit in around everyday life and so some days it will have to be something which doesn't take too much time. 
Therefore it could be something as straightforward as my choice of clothes that day or what I cook for our evening meal. Other days I may try something crafty or bake something I've never attempted before.
Each and every day is special and in some small way I want to show that.
I would like a whole year worth of everydays each with a little bit of extra ordinary in them, something extra added to each as we head towards my 50th on 21st July 2018. 

As each new month begins I plan to list all celebrations right at the start and if anyone would like to join in with me on any given date then please do, it would be fab to see what ideas others come up with.
As we are near the end of July here's what's up coming for the remainder of the month.

22. Mango Day
23. David Essex's birthday
24. Lynda Carter's birthday
25. First woman to walk in space
26. Coffee milkshake day
27. 2012 London Olympics opened
28. Union flag adopted in 1707
29. Tiger day and Lipstick day
30. Cheesecake day
31. Shredded Wheat day

Let's kick things off with something nice and easy for Mango Day. 
Two things I've never tried before.

A delicious Mango smoothie was how G and I started the day.
One cup of mango, one cup of pineapple, one banana blended with one cup of vanilla yogurt. Delish.

Then to end the day we will be indulging in a bottle of this mango and raspberry cider.


  1. I love this idea, sounds like all kinds of fun!

  2. Happy Birthday for yesterday. I hope you had a good day - what an interesting challenge for the year ahead!

  3. What a fun idea! Are you going to do a monthly wrap up? It would be a fun read :-)

  4. Happy belated birthday, it's my 50th next year too. What a good way to celebrate every day and make the most of each one xx

  5. First of all a belated Happy Birthday. Hope you had a lovely day. And secondly, what a brilliant idea! I would love to do something like this but know I would never keep it up. I shall watch your posts with great anticipation though and might even join in the occasional one. Good luck! Xx

  6. Happy Birthday!! What a great idea to spend the next year celebrating things, I hope you can find something good to do for shredded wheat day - I would struggle with that one. Have a great year!!

  7. I hope you had a wonderful Birthday Lisa. My 50th Birthday was 4 years ago! I am still trying to come to terms with being 50 but I guess it is better than 60!!! Great idea to commemorate each day of your 49th year. x

  8. OOOOh what a wonderful idea Lisa! I hope you have had a wonderful birthday!!

  9. Belated wishes for your birthday, I hope you had a wonderful day.
    This is certainly a different way to spend the next year celebrating, but I like it!

    Here's to a great year.

    All the best Jan