Monday, 3 July 2017

Southbourne to Boscombe

Last Monday G and I took ourselves off to the seaside.
We hopped on the train nice and early and hopped off again a short while later at Pokesdown.
We've made this journey a few times and always headed off to our right, down the high street towards Boscombe.
This time our plan was to turn left as this would take us towards Southbourne.

Southourne is definitely much more trendier and tidier than it's near neighbour.
Things which caught my eye within a few hundred yeads were the faded sign on the side of a shop, the turret and a beautiful shop on the corner.

This window is also part of the shop. 
It was such an elegant building with so many architectural features it was a shame it was empty.

Does anyone else like the coffee shops Coffee#1? We've been in a few of these now and we like to see what art work they have on the walls. Each one seems to have something on display which pertains to the history of the area it's situated in. The one in Southbourne had a purple heron which has been spotted at nearby Hengistbury Head and a Victorian seabather harking back to when the area became popular with those coming to the seaside for the benefits to their health.
Another reason G likes Coffee#1 is for their cheesecake, he recommends you try it if you can.

Had we not already stopped for refreshment then this find further down the road would have been a good choice. Called Close Knit it's a combined cafe and wool shop.

The knitted throws, parasol covers and hanging basket made it look a very inviting place to stop.

Just a short stroll away from the shops was our destination. 
And mighty fine it looked too.

We took our time walking along the front. Stopping to gaze out to the horizon, feeling the sun on our faces and enjoying the cooling breeze too. Wandering past the rows of beach huts and then sitting a while too to drink in the view, storing that feeling of calm time out at the shore can give.

Then it was up through Boscombe Chine gardens and into Boscombe itself for a spot of lunch. 
Just the kind of day out we needed.


  1. What a lovely place to visit. I love the hanging basket!

  2. It looks like a fabulous day out and you got some nice weather for it too. I've never heard of Coffee#1, perhaps it's just a southern chain, but I like that they decorate according to where the shop is located. It's good when shops make an effort in this way. The cafe and wool shop looks like my kind of place, I'd have had to stop there whether I'd already partaken or not.

  3. What a lovely day out - the beach looks really good (wish I could spend some time on the coast!). I've never heard of Coffee #1 but I do like cheesecake so I'll be sure to visit if I ever see one, hehe!

  4. That sea looks most inviting! Both cafes sound ideal and I love the beach huts!

  5. What a fabulous day out.
    Those Beach Huts are so colourful.

    All the best Jan