Thursday, 27 July 2017


As well as yesterday being coffee milkshake day it also happened to be my mum's birthday.
The plan was during the day she went out with my sisters and then early evening me and my brood were going to join them all for a takeaway.
Once back home again G and I were going to be sampling these goodies waiting for us in the fridge and freezer, therefore ensuring a tasty way to end the day.

Only you know what happens when a plan is made.

We arrived at my sister's a bit later than planned and then the takeaway took ages to be delivered.
A lovely evening was had by all but we were home much later than we thought we would be, sadly too late to be thinking of Bailey's and ice cream.
Never mind.
We may be a day late but the occasion will still be marked as G is due home from work very shortly and a coffee milkshake will be waiting.

The activity I chose for today is linked to the Olympics.
On 27th July 2012 we were on holiday in Spain and sat in a bar watching the opening ceremony of the London games.
I'll never forget how astonished and then amused we were seeing Daniel Craig striding through Buckingham Palace off to meet the Queen.
I thought this pin was such a simple and effective idea and thought this would be fun to do with S. 
S measured out the ingredients and whipped up the cake batter in no time and we popped them in the oven. Time came to take them out and well, they looked a little strange. I lifted one out of it's case and it felt hard and heavy. We looked at each other in disbelief. I broke it apart and took a tentative nibble. It had an overpoweringly salty taste.
Realisation dawned. 
That glass storage jar which we thought had white caster sugar in it actually contained salt!
We laughed and laughed and laughed.
Just wait until Dad hears about this S said.
Despite the fact we don't have any fairy cakes to decorate I think we have had more fun because of our mistake.
Sometimes the best things happen when they don't go to plan.


  1. Oh my goodness, the sugar and salt mix up did make me chuckle, that's something I'd do. I bet that's something you'll both remember for a long time. Hope you enjoyed your coffee milk shake.

  2. Yes, that 2012 opening was brilliant wasn't it, especially seeing Daniel Craig striding through Buckingham Palace off to meet the Queen.

    I couldn't help chuckling over the sugar/salt mix-up!

    All the best Jan