Monday, 24 July 2017

Wonder Woman in Warminster

For day 3 of my challenge I am marking the birthday of the original 1970s  Wonder Woman the actress Lynda Carter.
I had an idea of something I wanted to make and once I had sourced some ribbon I began looking for an online tutorial.
I wanted to make a rosette like this one so I could wear it pinned to a jacket or cardigan, but I couldn't find any instructions.
Instead I cobbled something together and as it turned out much larger than I had planned I pinned it to the handle of my bag.

Today is the first day of the summer school holiday for S.
What a start it has been. Her friend A was being taken to Chessington by her aunt and uncle as a birthday treat. She was allowed to take a friend along and it was S she chose to accompany her. Off they went at just after 8 this morning. They came home 11 hours later having had a wonderful day.

G was off today and with S out and busy we looked at going out somewhere ourselves. G was on the case and he suggested Warminster.

Normally when we go somewhere I like to do a little bit of research beforehand. As it was G who came up with the destination I thought I'd go with no preconceptions about Warminster and just see what it had to offer.
What it had in abundance was beautiful old buildings. We noticed a couple of them had blue information plaques and had I done some research beforehand I would have found this trail which would have been interesting to do.
Lesson learned.

On the road into Warminster from Salisbury there were a few buildings which were in need of a bit of TLC and if they had that it would make that end of town look so much more easier on the eye.

G was pleased to discover a vinyl record shop and came home with a few goodies. If Warminster was nearer I would consider going back to explore further as what we did see provided me with plenty of pretty features to snap.

Clicking on this link will show you a much better photo than the one I took of this stunning sculpture of a young girl sat on a stack of corn sacks on the site of what was once one of the largest corn markets in the country.

I will have to look online and see if the town hold any events which may be of interest to us and which could entice us back again. I know G would like another look around the record shop!


  1. ... and even today Wonder Woman is very popular!
    Very interesting to see your photo's. I used the link and wow what a stunning sculpture that is.

    Pleased that S enjoyed the first day of her school holidays.

    Enjoy the rest of the week, hard to believe we are in the last week of July, this year is simply flying by.

    All the best Jan

  2. Happy birthday Wonder Woman, I was a great fan as a child. I like spontaneous days out, seeing new things, sounds like it was a good one xx

  3. I think your Year of Days is such a good idea, I'm looking forward to seeing everything you come up with. Love the Wonder Woman rosette, I loved that programme as a child and remember playing it (and Charlie's Angels) with my friends, haha. Warminster looks very interesting and now you know about the town trail, perhaps it would be worth going back to follow that. Glad S had a good first day of the holidays, that sounds like a wonderful day out.

  4. Ooh, that does sound great! I am sure you still had a great time despite the lack of pre-info!

  5. A great combination of wonder woman and Warminster!

  6. There is a Warminster, PA not far from where I live, so was fun to see the original.