Friday, 28 July 2017

Flags on Friday

On 28th July 1707 the Union Flag was, by royal proclamation, made the National flag of Great Britain.

A nice and easy one for today.
Seeing as I have plenty of red white and blue in my wardrobe I thought trying to incorporate the flag into my outfit was the way to go. 
I had a couple of different options but in the end it was the wet and windy weather which chose for me.
My dress (shown middle photo) isn't made up of the flag's bold colours but is within the red and blue spectrums.
I have heard it said the flag should only be referred to as a Union Jack when used at sea so I wore my ship and anchor brooch on the pocket of my dress. The badge was pinned onto the strap of my handbag.
The last accessory was a scarf which I bought from Primark a few years ago. 
I was thankful for it as I walked over the bridge on my way to work this morning, it really felt like summer had disappeared and I certainly needed it to help keep out that cold wind.


  1. Love your brooch, didn't know about Union Jack at sea x

  2. That's the exact time period that I've just been reading about in the latest book I've been reading and the union of England and Scotland. I always call it the Union Jack even when I'm on terra firma.

  3. What a pretty and patriotic scarf, especially good for a day like today that felt like the middle of autumn rather than summer xx

  4. I've always referred to the flag as the Union Jack even though I have also heard it is only referred to Jack while at sea! Great scarf although I think today would call for a waterproof one. It's chucking it down!!! x

  5. It was quite chilly yesterday wasn't it ... a scarf sounds a great idea, and I think yours was just perfect!

    With the change in our British weather I'd read that some people had even put their heating on!!!

    Enjoy your weekend

    All the best Jan