Saturday, 29 July 2017

Tigers and Lipstick

Not a combination you see every day.
International Tiger Day just had to be something we recognised. 
You see ever since we became a family this has been one of the nicknames we have had for our T.
 He shares his name with the Frosties Tiger and when, a couple of years ago, I found this glass I just had to buy it to pop in T's Christmas stocking as a bit of fun.
So it was the perfect receptacle for my breakfast orange juice.

To stay with the tiger theme I went for orange and black in my choice of clothing today. A black shift dress with an orange cardigan to keep out the chill of another cooler day's weather.

I don't wear makeup and so wearing lipstick was out. Instead I went for the easy option of a piece of fun jewellery in the shape of a brooch.

I haven't done any cross stitch for a while and I enjoyed whipping up this quick and easy lip motif. I am either going to turn it into a card or use it as a gift tag for a friend at work who goes nowhere without first making sure her lippy is looking good!


  1. I loved Tony the Tiger ads on the telly. What a dear little cross stitch.

  2. I love the Frosties Tiger! Lovely lips and great to see you wearing lipstick - as a brooch! x

  3. The weather has been a lot cooler hasn't it.
    Love your orange cardigan.

    All the best Jan