Sunday, 23 July 2017

David and Victoria

This post isn't about either of the Beckhams.
The David I am referring to is David Essex.
Today is the birthday of this twinkly eyed man and Day 2 of my year of days

To mark the occasion I have baked a batch of Rock (On) cakes.
Never baked these before. 
I followed Delia Smith's recipe and they turned out ok.
More than ok, quite tasty actually.

Keeping the Mr Essex theme going today I wore my star patterned shirt with a star necklace.

G and I had planned a little trip down to Southsea today but unfortunately the rubbish weather forecast put paid to that.
As we were up bright and early we took ourselves off to Royal Victoria Country Park for a good long walk instead.
The sun shone whilst we were out and it was a wonderful way to start our day.


  1. Is that a new hairdo I spot? Looking very chic! Xx

  2. He was (and still is) an attractive man. I always remember that he had a daughter called Verity for some reason or other!!! x

  3. Ooh, it is so nice to see your face! You don't share it very often. That is a lovely tribute outfit to him!x

  4. What a lovely photo of you ...
    I've always liked David Essex!

    All the best Jan