Monday, 10 July 2017

Dance and Music

S's dance group had a mini performance slot at a local primary school's summer fayre on Saturday afternoon and she said she would be ok with me and G coming along to watch her.
It was lovely seeing S and getting a flavour of what she does each Friday at her street dance class.

Whilst there I took the opportunity of having a look around the school garden.
What is more colourful and cheery than a bicycle basket full of geraniums.

The other colourful feature which I really liked were these funky looking birdhouses.

Sunday saw us in Salisbury.
A little wander along by the river

before we settled ourselves in Lizzie Gardens 

for an afternoon of Music in the Park. It's the third year we've been going to these free concerts and it's such a lovely way to spend a sunny summer afternoon.

The band playing yesterday were Break Cover and they played a whole range of songs. We had stuff from Status Quo, The Kinks, ZZ Top, Steve Earle, Billy Idol and The Monkees. An extra reason for going along yesterday was for G to say hi to an old school friend who is one of the guitarists. He is the chap second from the right wearing a hat. They haven't seen each other since 1993.

And here we all are. I like this photo G took of us all as we sat chatting away.
Lovely family times.


  1. The music in the park looks such a brilliant afternoon out. I loved the splash of red geraniums in the bike basket, I think it's great how inventive people are with their plant holders xx

  2. It's always lovely having time together at the weekends when you can relax. Our 'little girl' had a sleepover on Saturday as all her boys were away camping with Cubs and beavers. It's her birthday today, a mere 46 years old!! Where does the time go. We did enjoy our film and wine though. Glad your weekend was full of lovely things too. Xx

  3. How lovely that you got to see S dance at long last, she's obviously feeling more confident if she's happy with you watching. The music event looks brilliant, a nice way to while away an afternoon with family. Love that bike adorned with geraniums.

  4. How great that the dance event went well, and then you got to enjoy more music in the park! Love the bird houses!

  5. That sounds like a lovely day. The school garden looks nice (I wish my school had a garden!) and I like your foxy shopping bag!

  6. Your Summer has got off to a great start Lisa. Glad you got to see S perform and to hear about your lovely time spent with music in the park. x

  7. What a lovely day and a lovely weekend too.
    That bicycle with the flowers looks lovely as do the bird houses.
    Great to have family times together too.

    All the best Jan

  8. I like the bottle tops on the tulip! Lovely to see happy family!x