Friday, 7 July 2017

Leaves and Acorns

I bought this skirt a couple of weeks ago in a charity shop where everything costs £1.00.
It's a size 14 and normally that's fine for me but after wearing it to work today I've decided it's not a keeper. I spend most of the day sat down and it was too tight around the waist for comfort.
I have one skirt in my wardrobe which is a 12 and fits fine, a few 14s, a couple of 16s and even an 18.
Sometimes the labels can't be relied upon.
 This one will either go off to another charity shop or I may try it on ebay first.
I was drawn to it because I liked the neutral colourway and the styling of the flowers and leaves reminded me of the work of Angie Lewin.

I wore a plain beige scoop necked t-shirt with it and my choice of jewellery was easy to pick. This necklace with an acorn, leaf and fir cone kept the natural theme going.

There could only be one choice of earring, squirrels to go along with the acorn!


  1. What a shame about the skirt! Such a pretty design. And I have to agree about sizing, you almost have to try everything on now as no two shops sizes are the same any more. And if you sew it's even worse. I used to have to make things a couple of sizes smaller than I am, but now I seem to be making things two or three sizes larger! X

  2. Sizes can't be relied upon at all these days, even in the same shop the sizes differ. You've always got such fun accessories to go with your outfits, I love the necklace and those squirrels are so cute.

  3. Pretty skirt, such a shame it was uncomfortable to wear.

  4. I hate shopping for clothes. I just never know what size I will be in all the diff shops. When I buy for my Hubby I can grab a Medium and go - so frustrating. I love your necklace. x

  5. Shame about the skirt, you were perfectly accessorised though!

  6. I do wish clothes were a standard size but they never seem to be.
    With clothes and shoes if it fits and I like it and the price is right then I buy and keep them!

    Your necklace looks lovely.

    All the best Jan

  7. I do not understand clothes sizes- they are very confusing. Mind you, vintage sizes are always smaller- was it vintage. GREAT choice of jewellery to accompany it!