Friday, 23 February 2018

Adult and Teenager

The 23rd February means that our house is decked out in balloons and banners.
Today it's T and S's birthday.
And two very special birthdays there are.
Today T turned 18 and S became a teenager.

With T no longer living at home and with the plans he had for his birthday we weren't going to be able to see him so we asked if he could come over yesterday evening.
This was our chance to give him his presents and the info he needed for collecting his tickets to his birthday treat.
T loves the musical Kinky Boots and so we bought him tickets to go and see the show in London this evening.
Plus some spending money for a meal out.
I wasn't sure how best to present him with this part of his present until I saw this tiger on Pinterest.
Our nickname for T is Tony Tiger.
The arms are folded in towards each other so the tiger is clutching the little scroll and I placed a small piece of sellotape on top of one to keep them in position.

T and S exchanged and opened gifts to each other and we sang Happy Birthday to T and he blew out the candles on all 18 of these mini cakes. 
We ate a good few of them afterwards.

S, G and I all got up early this morning to have breakfast together whilst S opened her gifts from us.
She wants to have her ears pierced a second time and so we gave her the money to have that done, plus a little extra.
Her nickname is Baby Bear so I cut out this cute chap for her and with his arms folded he clasped onto her money for safe keeping.

S has said she had a good day at school, lots of people wishing her happy birthday and being sung happy birthday numerous times too.
She is now at dance, as she is most Fridays, and very excited she was too about being there on her birthday.
When she comes back my sisters will be here for hot chocolate and cookies to help round off the day.
Oh and another rendition of happy birthday to be followed by more cake.

I love them both so much and special times such as these are so precious, even more so as they grow up.


  1. Many happy returns to both of them, they’re both special birthdays. I love the little tiger idea and those cupcakes looked delicious xx

  2. Happy birthday to both! I love your attention to detail and the felt bear and Tiger were really good ideas to host the presents!

  3. aw, that is lovely, such nice gifts. I'm in the camp of giving money for what they want, I think it's not only easier, but just plain sensible!

    Love the way you presented things. Too cute!

  4. Happy birthdays, glad you had a nice time celebrating x

  5. I hope they both had wonderful birthdays :)

  6. I can't believe that T is 18 now! A man!!! S is growing up quickly too. You make wonderful celebrations out of special occasions Lisa. I bet T and S were thrilled with the Birthday gifts and all those lovely individual cakes too! x

  7. Happy belated birthdays to T and S. Fancy having two very special birthdays to celebrate on the very same day, so lovely. What a great way to present their gifts to them, you do come up with some fabulous ideas. Those cupcakes look scrumptious.