Thursday, 15 February 2018

O (Canada) Go On Then

Did you know that the Canadian flag with it's red maple leaf has only been in use since 1965.
15th February is known as flag day in Canada as this is the date of the flag's inauguration. 
Think of Canada and the words maple syrup are never far away, well in my head that's the case anyway.

Yesterday I dropped off a birthday gift to my friend G.
Her son has a part-time job in the food hall of a much loved retailer and had bought home a bag rammed full of ready made pancakes.
They had more than enough to fill up their family of five and so she very kindly offered us a couple of packs. 
How could I resist.
That's pancakes twice this week now.
Being Canadian flag day I dowsed mine with the remaining maple syrup.
A much better option for today than my original plan of reflecting the flag colours in my choice of outfit.


  1. At school, we had a representative from Canada, don't remember who, but I do remember them talking about changing the flag to the Maple leaf and handing out maple leaf pins to everybody in my class.

  2. I didn't realise that the Canadian flag was so new. Maple syrup always brings my mind back to the chapter about Sugar Snow in Little House in the Big Woods, the name given to snowfall in spring which signifies the best time to make maple sugar. I loved that chapter in the book. Hope you enjoyed your pancakes, none for us this year.

  3. Maple syrup is my favourite sweetener! Good over porridge or yogurt as well as pancakes! x