Thursday, 22 February 2018

Give Us A Twirl

For those of us of a certain age the words 'Give Us A Twirl' will, in an instant, transport us back to Saturday night TV with the one and only Bruce Forsyth presenting The Generation Game.
Anthea Redfern was his wife and glamorous assistant and each time she was introduced at the start of the show Bruce would ask her to 'give us a twirl' so we would get a 360 degree view of whatever splendid outfit she was wearing that particular week.
As today is Bruce's birthday I went with baking cakes and topping them off with a chocolate Twirl.
I actually baked these last weekend as this is when I was seeing my mum and sisters for a little catch up and as my sister T is a huge Brucie (and Twirl) fan I thought it would be most appropriate.
The cappuccino cakes were made using this recipe from the Co-op magazine and I can say hands down they are the best cakes I have ever made.


  1. I Ioved watching Anthea twirl ! My mum and my eldest brother often said they would apply to go on The Generation Game but they never did.

  2. I LOVE Twirls! These sound super!!!

  3. Will have to try these Lisa. My grandson loves coffee cake and it's his birthday on Wednesday! X