Monday, 19 February 2018

Out of Sync

I'm a little bit out of sync with my days at the moment for various reasons.
Take last Friday and the Chinese new year.
We would normally have Chinese food to celebrate, but I was out for a meal with 3 of my old school friends.
One was 50 in December and another reaches 50 next Monday.
Me and my other friend both have our birthday in July so we've still got a few months of our forties to go!

 This meant celebrating the year of the dog had to be put on hold until Sunday when along with the Chinese food I opened this mini bottle as it was drink wine day.
Normally I would go for a glass of red but this was given to me at Christmas and had been chilling in the fridge since then and I thought I should probably get on and drink it.

Saturday was Random At of Kindness Day.
My plan had been to buy a box of chocolates and present them to a shop assistant whilst I was out shopping in town for T and S's birthday gifts, but I completely forgot!
I was so absorbed in ticking things off my list, not to mention getting sidetracked when I spotted a couple of gifts for friends with birthdays later in the year, that it wasn't until I was on the bus home that I remembered.
So annoyed.
I will just have to make sure I do it next year.

Today is the anniversary of the formation of the Women's Institute.
The WI always conjures up images of home made cakes and preserves and so I planned to have scones and jam for my lunch.
That was before I made an appointment for the dentist.
With a numb mouth until late afternoon I wasn't really able to eat so I'll be having them tomorrow instead.

So with no photos to share from the past couple of days here is a random photo of my new PJs.
Soft, snuggly and wearing them makes me feel like a fluffy marshmallow.


  1. I love those pjs, such a gorgeous colour and so snuggly too. I don't think it matters if you're out of sync with your days, it's all fun whenever you get round to celebrating them. I hope the numbness has worn off so that you can enjoy your scones today.

  2. Oh shame your days were marred by a trip to the dentist !

  3. The PJs look wonderful! I do like snuggly PJs!