Tuesday, 27 February 2018


Today is Strawberry Day. A weird date in the calendar to be celebrating a summer fruit but who am I to argue?

I found something for all three of us to do together.
Using heart shaped balloons we each made our very own strawberry.

First up we have S wearing her new Harry Pooter PJs and deciding going cross-eyed was the best pose for this photo. 

Me with my attempt. As you can see I also wore my CK strawberry brooch today, a happy splash of red against the black and grey.

Last but by no means least G with my strawberry on the left and his on the right. He doesn't normally wear a hat indoors just in case you were wondering!

As you can see from this photo the birthday balloons and banners are still up, to be honest they probably still will be for a couple more days yet.
We've been busy with all kinds of birthday related things so I've got a little bit of catching up to do from the last few days. 
Nothing new there then!


  1. Happy strawberry day, love your nice big strawberries xx

  2. I agree, it's a very strange time of year to be celebrating strawberry day. You seem to have a brooch for every occasion.

  3. Ha ha, what a fun way to celebrate the day! I was very amused by S's picture!
    I wear a hat inside all the time! Today I have been wearing a strange assortment of clothes. Long-sleeved top, cashmere jumper, alpaca jumper, sheepskin gilet, furry scarf, trousers, wool socks, sheepskin slippers and cloche hat!!x