Sunday, 20 August 2017

Batch of Bunnies and a Beef Stew

I have deviated from my original plan for today.
We were going to watch the Amy Adams movie Leap Year, chosen not only because it's perfect for a Sunday afternoon but also because Matthew Goode is her co-star.  

Instead I have chosen 2 other things.
The first is in relation to tennis.
Bunny Austin is a name you hear mentioned each year when Wimbledon rolls around.
He was a British tennis player during the 1920s and 1930's.
His real name was Henry Wilfred Austin and he was born on 20th August 1906 and died on his 94th birthday on 20th August 2000.
Today I am wearing one of the bunny brooches I made back at Easter time pinned to (as Wimbledon rules decree) a white cardigan.

It's also given me the perfect excuse to show the gifts one of my sister's gave me for my birthday a month ago now, they are all bunny themed.
The mug and tea bag holder have been in almost daily use since she gave them to me. I love the bunny shaped dish, not only for it's pale blue colour but also for it's polka dot decoration.

The second choice relates to food for G and S's evening meal.
In about half an hour I shall be dishing up Hungarian Goulash as 20th August is a national holiday for Hungarians.


  1. I've never heard of Bunny Austin, mind you, I don't follow tennis at all so that's probably why. You were well prepared with all your bunny themed accessories, I love the cute mug and your spotty dish.

  2. Hi Lisa, first of all thank you for your comment on my blog and apologies for not replying. I have been a bit remiss and my own blog has been sadly neglected. I have read one of the books you kindly sent and am halfway through the second. I will offer them on as soon as I finish both. I would love the third one if you're sure and will again pass that on.
    Getting to your post here, how amazing I have that exact same mug, and for Mother's Day my son bought me the lovely hare mug, bag and pinny from the oxfam shop. I love bunnies too, though my real passion is hares! I wish I could be as organised as you and get back into blogging regularly, but at least I still read a few every day to keep in touch! X

  3. More great days to celebrate! Love your cute bunny things, especially your brooch!

  4. Bunnies are just so cute aren't they.

    All the best Jan

  5. OOooh, the bunny items are GORGEOUS! WHat a lovely theme! Annoyingly, today, I was in a charity shop that had TWO Jacqueline Winspears in but we've both read/got them both!!