Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Colouring In

Hands up those who remember spending hours as a child colouring in squiggled doodles like the one below.
I would sit with my sisters and our huge selection of pencils and felt tips colouring in these random shapes to our hearts content.

Colouring in for adults has suddenly become a big thing these past couple of years with thousands of books out there to choose from. 
I am all in favour of this. 
I have never lost of my love for colouring in.
I enjoyed it as a shared activity with both my children when they were younger, trying not to get too bothered when they went outside the lines!

Last Christmas one of my friends gave me a colouring in book and some pencils.
She knows how much I value spending my half hour lunch break in the park as often as the weather will allow.
I really treasure the calming effect being outside brings and she thought an added stress busting activity would be for me to do a spot of colouring.
A really thoughtful gift.

With such a pretty book I had plenty of choice when it came to selecting a page to lose myself in on Colouring Book day.

Go and grab yourself some paper and pencils, you won't regret the time you spend absorbed in this most simplest of past times.

I have listed below my list of days to celebrate in August.

A couple may change due to other commitments and as of next week we are away for a few days so my posts may be a bit more sporadic, but it's all supposed to be a bit of fun and I don't want to get caught up in setting rules for myself about these things.

I hope you can join me as August unfolds and if anyone chooses to join in on any given day please let me know, I would love to hear from you.

We've already had

1. Yorkshire Day
2. Colouring Book

and ahead of us is 

3. Watermelon Day
4. Beer Day
5. Underwear Day
6. Jamaican Independence Day
7. Raspberries and Cream Day
8. Cat Day
9. Rice Pudding Day
10. Rhonda Fleming's birthday
11. Pakistan Flag Day
12. Vinyl record
13. Alfred Hitchcock's birthday
14. 3 hour rainbow seen in North Wales in 1979
15. National Day in Liechtenstein
16. Tell A Joke Day
17. Thrift Shop
18. Patrick Swayze's birthday
19. World Honey Bee Day
20. Amy Adam's birthday
21. Usain Bolt's birthday
22. Honor Blackman's birthday
23. Gene Kelly's birthday
24. National Waffle Day
25. Sean Connery's birthday
26. Alison Steadman's birthday
27. Bat Night
28. Bow Tie Day
29. Mary Poppins movie released in 1964
30. Toasted Marshmallow Day
31. Burger/ Eat Outdoors Day


  1. Happy watermelon day and enjoy your colouring!!!

  2. I haven't got into the adult colouring thing but I did a bit of colouring at school on the last day and rather enjoyed that!

    Looking forward to seeing how you mark the other days this month. I'm a bit disappointed that my birthday is not something more exciting than rice pudding day and wonder what you are going to show us for underwear day, haha!

  3. Yes my hands are up!
    I can remember spending time as a child colouring in these squiggled doodles.
    Colouring can be very relaxing.

    All the best Jan

  4. There are so many cool things here!
    I saw a tertiary rainbow when I was about 10- it was the most amazing set of rainbows I have ever seen!