Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Blue, Green and White

When I was researching the daily activities for my year long challenge some days lent themselves to more than one idea .
Take Yorkshire Day today. 

Say Yorkshire to me and the first thing I think of is Pudding.

So an evening meal with Yorkies was certainly my favoured option but with G and S off to Salisbury today to visit grandma and eating lunch out I wasn't going to come home from work and set about cooking another meal.

The Yorkshire flag is a white rose with green leaves on a blue background and so I used these colours in what I wore today. 
My white flowers are more daisy than rose and please ignore the wet spots on the front of my cardi from where I splashed myself when I was doing the washing up! I didn't realise they were there!

The other nod to Yorkshire is my choice of brooch.
Both G and I love cricket so of course I needed to wear a Dickie Bird.


  1. Hello from Yorkshire!

    I do like reading your blog -there's always something of interest there.

    Hope you had a good Yorkshire Day , as did I.

    Best wishes


  2. Great colour combo! Love your cardigan and your pretty brooch especially!

  3. Love the colours in your outfit ...

    All the best Jan