Tuesday, 31 October 2017


Compared to recent years this Halloween has been a much quieter affair.

With T no longer living at home, G on a late shift and S out for an hour trick or treating with a gaggle of girlie friends from school it was just me left at home handing out sweets.
We had in the region of 80 callers this evening.
Most arrived in groups of 5, 6 or 7 at a time and the last lone caller was just before 7.30.
This was ideal as it gave me plenty of time to be sorted and sat down in time to watch The GBBO final.

I didn't put up many decorations this year.
Although we did have pumpkins, which as tradition dictates were all carved by G, I don't have photos as by the time I came home from work it was already too dark.

Instead this post will just have to make do with the dress I wore today. 
To my way of thinking the black and white pattern is very reminiscent of spiders and so I thought it would be ideal attire for Halloween, teamed with my pumpkin brooch.


  1. The grandchildren were out trick or treating earlier this evening, they were so excited ... lovely to see.
    You had a very good number of callers too.

    Happy Halloween

    All the best Jan

  2. That's a lovely dress! I've never been trick or treating and never had a them knocking on the doors (too isolated where I grew up and I think just too far out of town where I live now) but I'm expecting quite a few next Halloween when we've moved house which will be novel!

  3. I had my bowl of sweeties all ready to hand out and we ended up hospital visiting instead, my mum was taken in again yesterday. Halloween is a very low key event here now there's just the two of us, I don't decorate at all, and we don't get many callers, if any.

  4. We didn't get any Trick or Treaters where we are which I am glad about as I think it is a horrible concept and I really don't like Halloween. That is a vast number of callers!!
    The dress is a pretty pattern!