Thursday, 19 October 2017

What I Wore

This week has been a bit of a full on for one reason and another and so I have once again turned to my jewellery stash for inspiration.

Monday 16th was the anniversary of the founding of the the Walt Disney Company. 
I wore a bangle my sister bought me a couple of years ago which has Wish Upon A Star written on it which is very close to the name of a song which is strongly associated with the company.

As an added extra here's a photo of S sporting some Mickey Mouse ears during a little shopping trip we had this week.

As previously blogged I did the baking for chocolate cupcake day at the weekend and on the actual day itself I wore this brooch, a birthday present received from G's niece a couple of years ago.

Today is the birthday of the author Tracy Chevalier and I had planned on watching Girl with a Pearl Earring but I am feeling a bit under the weather and not in the mood. I have an irritating cough and although I feel I am sleeping ok I have not been waking up feeling refreshed. With the jewellery collection I have you'd think I would have owned a pair of pearl earrings to wear today but it's devoid of such an item. 

Tomorrow is International Sloth Day and so when I get home from work I'm going to change into my PJs and chill out, in readiness for the weekend and some extra time off for half term.


  1. I'm so going to join you for International Sloth Day, that sounds just my kind of thing. Hope you're feeling better soon.

  2. Oooh count me in for International Sloth Day, pjs and slippers ... bliss lol

  3. I like your plans for Sloth Day - sounds pretty good! I hope you feel better soon - I've also been feeling under the weather and struggling to wake up this week - I kind of have a cold, but not properly, just all sniffly and feeling under par, but not really ill.

  4. Sloth day!!! Love it! I had a Punky Pins sloth necklace but I trod on it and it half cracked and finally snapped a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, my necklace box is in such a tangle that I can't get the pieces out! Your jewellery choices were fun!

  5. That's a lovely photo of S sporting Mickey Mouse ears.

    The Girl with a Pearl Earring is a great film, hope you may get to watch it soon when you feel a little better.

    Chill out, feel better soon, have a great weekend and a good half term week.

    All the best Jan

  6. I did not know about the ISD, so I'm going to do it today instead!
    Love the cupcake brooch, that is so cute! Happy weekend to you, and hurrah to half term xx