Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Three October Days

Monday 9th October would have been John Lennon's 77th birthday.
Whilst researching his life for something I could do to mark the day I found out he liked to indulge in a bowl of cornflakes and cream.
My week day breakfast is almost nearly always Weetabix but I thought ringing the changes and kicking off Monday morning with a bowl of cornflakes (with milk, couldn't stomach cream on them!) would be the way to go.

That is had I remembered to buy any.

They were on my shopping list when I went grocery shopping on Saturday morning and it wasn't until I went to make breakfast on Monday morning did I realise I had omitted to pop a box of them in the trolley.

As it had been G's birthday on Sunday and I were off together on Monday it was his choice as to where we went for the day. He chose Chichester as our destination as there is a vinyl record shop there he likes to visit every now and then.
By a happy co-incidence one of the other shops we nipped into had the radio on and what song happened to be playing but Imagine by John Lennon.

Tuesday was World Homeless Day and for this I asked permission from my boss to set up a donations box in our place of work. This was for anyone who wanted to support an organisation called The Homeless Period by donating feminine hygiene products. 
A packet of sanitary towels or tampons could make such a difference to a woman living on the streets. I found out there are a few collection points in the city where I live and from here they make up care packages to be given out to those in need.

And so to today. 
Wednesday 11th is Coming Out Day.
The rainbow flag is synonymous with the LBGTQ community and so I chose to represent this by wearing my rainbow coloured button necklace.
You can't see all the colours in the photo but I promise they are all there.


  1. It really makes you realise how time is passing by when you hear how old stars are, or how old they would have been had they lived. John Lennon, 77, wow. I hope you got lots of donations for The Homeless Period, such a worthwhile cause and something which I doubt many people think about when they consider homeless people and the struggles they encounter. Your rainbow necklace is perfect for Coming Out Day, so pretty and colourful.

  2. I enjoyed your post ...
    Like Jo also said, I hope you got lots of donations for The Homeless Period.
    Your necklace looks a perfect choice for 'Coming out day'

    All the best Jan

  3. The Homeless period sounds a great idea! My Mum bought me some sanitary towels that were made by a charity who donated them to a refugee in need when you bought some which i liked!