Saturday, 5 August 2017

It's Pants

Does anyone else buy new undies to take away on their hols?
Recently when out shopping to choose new ones for me and S I popped an extra pack of these basic black pants in my basket to send off to smalls for all as my way to mark underwear day.
blogged about this charity earlier in the year when I had some bras to send off and I think it's such a wonderful organisation it deserved another mention.


  1. We pass bras that come into the charity shop on to a lady who sends them to this charity. We'd get next to nothing for them sent to the rag recycling so it's good that they can be reused.

  2. It is a great idea. I do often buy new underwear when I go away, sometimes pants but always bras, just got two new ones.

  3. Since your post last year, I've kept the address and I've been able to send a few bras that were Imogen's and had barely been worn, it's such a good idea xx

  4. I always buy new pants for holidays as they are nice to pack plus I always think if my bag is searched then I need not be embarrassed by old pants !
    One year I emptied my drawer of old pants just before a holiday & put them outside in a bag ready to go out on bin day. I forgot to put them in the big bin and one of our cats delivered a pair a day onto the front door step to the friends pet sitting ! We all had a good giggle about it afterwards.
    Our charity shop saves bras for other charities.

  5. Yes, I do sometimes buy new undies when it's holiday time!
    Pleased you included a reminder about the charity.

    All the best Jan

  6. I am so glad you told me about the Smalls for Africa as I sent a massive parcel of about 15 bras to them recently!